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PSA to the mormor fandom


stop being great big dicks to people who don’t agree with you.

do you know why i’m not active on sebastian?

because you guys are so fucking hostile and sensitive about EVERYTHING.

and i’m concerned that i’ll have to deal with some of the bullshit you guys put my friends through.

not cool fandom

not cool.


Where is Sebastian?



Jim what the Fuck did you do?!

1: Picture of yourself
2: A description of my self-esteem
3: My favorite book
4: Biggest Turn Offs
5: Biggest Turn Ons
6: Most famous person you've met
7: What I want to be when I'm older
8: My relationship(s) with my sibling(s)
9: Relationship status?
10: What I did yesterday
11: What I'm doing today
12: What I'm doing tomorrow
13: Most embarrassing moment
14: Description of who I like
15: Biggest insecurities?
16: Something I wish I could change about myself
17: I'll love you if...
18: Something I'm really good at
19: Something I'm really bad at
20: What I wish for at 11:11
21: A reason I've lied to a friend
22: Favorite Movie
23: Something that has made you mad recently
24: A random fact about yourself
25: Question of your choice



“Awww Sebby you look so warm and in the Holiday spirit! What do you do for the holidays?”

“Remember.. -Magic!anon”

ooc:; is this for sebby or for sebastian? c: i can do either one or both if you like! i saved it

Cake and Bees Present: Jim Moriarty and Sebastian Moran!


We’ve been going back and forth, talking, plotting, scheming, and watching, yet we found we really needed to get the king of it all as well as the second most dangerous man in London.

We’re happy to announce our newest members!

Jim Moriarty



it’s seriously uncomfortable how hot this gif is okay moving on

Sebastian Moran



how is your face so perfect can i just pet it shh bby its okay

We’re also going to have a TC up on Friday afternoon/evening to welcome them in, hang out, nerd about, and so on and so forth. Be sure to go bug them a lot stop in, say hi. Have Jim fix things for you and call their pants gay or something.

This is why I never should do announcements I won’t shut up.

As always, we’re all still perfectly happy to interact with anyone that wants to poke at us. We’ll all probably try to get some sort of plot going at some point, but until then, just go admire their faces.


“awww no need to be shy! <3”

“Why on earth is there a band aid on your face?! :o”


There's a Wolf in my head